Critical Thinking for Productive Group Collaboration

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Currently there are no scheduled dates.
Brief Description:

This 2.5-hour long interactive workshop is open to all UNCG faculty and staff and should be of special interest to employees who work in committee contexts.

The first hour of the workshop is devoted to identifying the fundamentals of argument construction and evaluation - the bread and butter of critical thinking. Participants will classify different types of reasoning and problem-solving strategies, along with broad strategies for assessing the strengths and flaws of different kinds of arguments. The second hour focuses on interpersonal skills and strategies that promote healthy, productive exchanges in group discussions. Participants learn to spot common fallacies of reasoning and cognitive biases, as well as practice key principles of civility and metacognition in live scenarios, to defuse or prevent tense or "toxic" exchanges.

The workshop is co-led by Dr. Adam Rosenfeld and Dr. Frances Bottenberg, Lecturers in the UNCG Philosophy Department since 2015 and regular instructors of the Philosophy Department's undergraduate Critical Thinking course.

Full Description:

This workshop is offered by Human Resources and the Philosophy Department for staff and faculty who are interested in furthering their critical thinking skills for group collaboration.