Interpersonal Violence Survivor Support Ally Training

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Currently there are no scheduled dates.
Brief Description:

By deciding to work in a University setting, we have all joined a village of professionals seeking to provide students with the best resources and care possible.  Sexual Assault and intimate partner violence are not new topics but have become front and center in recent years as individuals share their experiences and participate in movements like #METOO.  UNCG has taken a step forward by developing the Campus Violence Response Center (CVRC), a confidential resource for survivors.  However, the response doesn’t always begin in the CVRC but instead starts with our campus partners.

This interactive presentation will highlight the campus and community resources necessary to create a safer, non-violent campus culture.  Staff and faculty will learn skills for preventing violence and responding to survivors in a trauma informed and caring way. 

Full Description:

The Campus Violence Resource Center is providing this workshop to share their resources and guidance in campus and other violence support.