Argos by Evisions is a campus reporting tool that allows end-users to access and extract formatted reports from various databases. This training is facilitated by UNCG ITS.

With access to Argos, users can:

  • run pre-defined reports 
  • filter reports to a specific term, college, or course
  • save reports
  • print reports
  • schedule reports
  • e-mail reports (Caution should be taken on emailing reports so no FERPA, HIPPA, or PII information is contained in reports.)

Before enrolling, please note: Depending on your role and permissions, Argos can access sensitive data in Banner. Access to sensitive data at UNCG is safeguarded. To protect our information assets, Argos access must be obtained by request from the Self-Service Portal. It is then approved via automated workflow by the appropriate information stewards.


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